The pavilion in the shape of a coffee cup is nice and modern
We produce kiosks in the shape of a coffee cup
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Kiosk is finished by 0,45 mm of metal sheet
50 mm of foam-plastic, suitable for work in winter and summer
Orakal film according to your sketch
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The shape of the kiosk
immediately shows what is sold
in it
Barista feels more
comfortable - without noise
and dust
Air conditioning
It is possible to install in a kiosk
and work in comfortable
We make a kiosk in form of paper-
glass in 5-10 days
Watch also video review: inside view of the pavilion
Practical in work Worktops made of 16mm plywood - easily withstand a coffee machine

Stainless steel sink included
Installation of protective rolling shutter is possible.
Warehouse / vestibule
Three in one: a warehouse, a buffer from the heating of the roof, a place for installing an air conditioner
ISOVER thickness 50mm + plywood + steam barrier + roofing sheet 0.45mm
What is the waterproof pavilion made of?
Delivery options
Additional options to the pavilion
What we can offer:
+38 096 021-22-51
Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram, WeChat
Protective roller shuters Protective curtain Waterproof still outer Shelf for syrups
Color options on the case and cover Color options on the case or cover Electric washstand with temperature switch, 20 liters Branding, advertising stickers
Color options 1

Color of the case (coffee booth) - at your choice according to your desire
price - 0$
Color options 2

Color of the cap at your choice

price - 0$
Washstand with heated water

Very comfortable in the cold season
price - 90$

We apply logos and advertizing by film Orakal

price - 50 - 100$
Rolling shutter

The roleta box is hidden inside the pavilion and does not spoil its outside view
price - 120$
Protective curtain

Performs the same task as the roller shutter, but is cheaper

price - 80$
Window sill

Is made of waterproof FSF plywood. (for boats)

price - 30$
Shelf for syrups

Is made of painted plywood. Very convenient for the placement of syrups.
price - 25$
What is interesting to customers (FAQ)
Pavilion Visualization
Photo gallery and review of the pavilion version 2016
We carry out delivery of kiosks according to the rules INCOTERMS 2010.
INCOTERMS 2010 - The Incoterms or International Commercial Terms
EXW Price is 1350$